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Custom Pillow Covers,silk pillowcase good for hair

Here's what you'll want:u2022 2 jewelry boxes of similar size with the small cotton inserts (if they don'capital t possess the inserts, you can make use of cotton projectiles or quilt batting)u2022 Fabric leftovers and trim*u2022 Hot glue gun or just regular, strong glueu2022 Hiding recordu2022 Small plastic material lid, such as from a yogurt containeru2022 Natural cotton golf balls or additional padding material
* You'll need one larger block of fabric for the u201csheetsu201d of the bed, two smaller squares for the quilt, and one longer rectangle for the pillow,pillowcase prevent acne,silk pillowcase good for hair,body pillowcase adairs,custom pillow case ideas,v pillow case covers

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